Curriculum Vitae - 2007

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Work desired :
Software Developer, Programmer, Coder, Analyst, Consultant, Tuition, Support, with writing code being a favourite. Permanent, Contract and/or Part Time. Also a good 'mechanic' ... and lots of other skills ...

Environments :
MicroSoft (MS) Windows (from 3.11 - 98/NT/2000 to XP) Workstation and Server;
Others: DOS, OS/2, VOS, Unix, Networks, BTOS/CTOS, Emulation.

Technologies and Applications :
MS Visual Studio IDE (3-6 + .NET Framework) - C /C++ /C#, Basic, Interdev;
MS Office (Word/Excel/Access/Outlook/FrontPage/2000/XP - 97/2000) +Basic/Macros/SQL(RAD);
Including ActiveX, COM+, ASP, VBA, XML, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, CVS source.
Knowledge of Forms, COFF, php, MySQL, J2EE, perl, python, SQL Server, and Oracle.
Own tools and utilities.

Work Experience - Brief Chronology - 25+ years in IT :
2005 - Pres. : Paris - Working out of home.
2003 - 2005 : Sydney - Volunteering at Neighbourhood Technology Centre (NTC).
1992 - 2003 : Paris - Multiple software projects as an Independent Consultant.
1982 - 1992 : HK - Rose to MD, DCA HK Ltd, formerly Computer Logics.
1967 - 1981 : HK - Management and Accounting, moving into Computer accounting.
1964 - 1967 : NSW - High School Teacher, in mathematics and science.
1962 - 1963 : Bathurst - Teachers College

Work Experience - Achievements :

2005 - Present - Returned to Paris, France, and working from my home.

2003 - 2005 - Visit to Sydney, Australia, seeking work … The NTC, where I volunteer, runs 15 IBM PCs, 11 on MS Windows 2000 and 4 on XP, running Terminal Server 2000 clients, providing Internet access, and numerous other activities.

1992-2003 : Paris based, was involved in multiple IT projects, as an Independent Consultant. Usually development and coding, in one form or another. Some overseas, in USA.

Examples, in no particular order :
* In 1998/9 a Y2K Bug related project to replace a Cobol program with a 'C' equivalent in VOS, running in a Stratus box. 
* A full NIC device driver for Windows 95/98 and NT written in 32-bit assembler and C language using the MS Visual Studio, provided TCP/IP translation to and from an Ericsson Radio modem on a serial port. 
* Code fixes to an American product for French Users. Source assembler, running on a Unisys BTOS/CTOS workstation connected to an A-Series mainframe. 
* A multimedia project to develop a 16 (and 32) bit library (DLL) to convert JPEG and GIF (including animated) to windows bitmaps (BMP) for display in a French browser. Core was public domain and I provided the library interface for the browser. 
* An interesting one was conversion of the internal MS Flight Simulator co-ordinate system to a Windows bitmap. This lead to TIFF, particularly GeoTIFF, and other world database technologies, like DAFIF, and multiple open source projects, like FlightGear, a free sim with world scenery. 
* PC set-ups, upgrades, problem solving, tutorials and other projects mainly in MS C/C++ or VB.
And I maintain a range of personal samples/utilities using these multiple technologies.

1982-1992 : DCA HK Ltd - Computer Logics Far East (CL), Hong Kong (now Attachmate)
Position: Rose to MD; Reporting: American Parent, DCA, Atlanta. Duties:  Development and Sales of Digital Communication Software and Hardware for the Asian market.
* Always as a programmer, sold on the technological edge - be better and embrace local languages 
* Started in 1982 in 16-bit assembler, to C, then C++. 
* The initial product was PEP (STEP), a TSR type product connecting a (DOS, CP/M) PC, via our hardware, synchronously to Unisys mainframes. 
* Software localisation for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Arabic plus multiple European languages. 
* The later DCA purchase added RLN, CrossTalk and Irma, IBM connectivity. 
* As networks progressed, included gateways, servers and clients. 
* Successes with large European accounts, like Lufthansa, IBM Germany, SAS, Amadeus and others. 
* Turnkey projects for major customers like Cathay Pacific Airways and the Singapore Government, from negotiating the primary specification, coding tests, primary development, to testing, qualification and contract settlement.

1967-1981 : My new start in Hong Kong. When my 2-year Teacher's Certificate did not fit in the then UK based educational system, I gravitated to management and accounting initially. Working for a CPA firm, in the Financial Services Industry, I looked after a considerable number of trust entities. Fortuitously, I changed to a firm using a computer and found I was good at working the machine through program modification to handle, for instance multiple currencies. This put me in a great position to take on direct ASM coding in my next position, putting me on track for the then following 25 years in IT, coding at the base.

1964-1967 : High School Teacher, teaching Mathematics and Science, Mullumbimby, Harden, ended in Broken Hill, to travel overseas ....

Education (since age 14) :
Bathurst Teachers' College, 1962-1963, NSW Teacher's Certificate
Gilgandra High School, 1959-1961, School Leaving Certificate
Other 'certificates' ...

Summery :
.NET Developer/Architect/Project Manager - began MS Visual Studio v.3 through 6 to .NET(7-8);
Languages - C/C++/C# Programmer; Perl; VB.NET; Access Basic Analyst Programmer/Developer;
Database Access, SQL, XML; Best as analyst, PROGRAMMER;

I love computers, particularly programming, in ALL its forms - I prefer it to reading a book, unless the book is on computers and/or programming! ;=))

Personal - Geoff R. McLane :
Born : 28 December 1944 ; Nationality : Australian. Married: Annie Bachelet, French.
Web: - email. - Address/Telephone

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