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This shows what can be done in dedicated communication hardware. The full system included a multitasking, timer and event driven communication library to simplify protocols from simple asynchronous teletype character mode to establishing SNA sessions, and many, many shades in between.

Other tools that can be included were the many compilers, like Cobal, C, and for the above communication library, the source of choice was C, which included much of stdlib.h (ANSI C). I hope this has moved on since I was on such a system.

However, like earlier compilers, with a very poor error reports, remember this is all through a tty terminal emulator, the C code could be developed in a Microsoft Windows machine, using their fantastic MS Visual Studio, where F4 takes you to the source file, line number, thus the correction can just take seconds, and transferred to VOS, and compiled there, mostly without error. You quickly learn to avoid the exceptions :-))

Here the rapidly developing MS Visual Studio, allowing rapid, accurate development assistance, allowed code to be developed and largely tested before being transferred to VOS. I note now that their servers run Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, so obviously this would be even easier today.

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