Curriculum Vitae - 2003

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Family, First names
McLane, Geoffrey Robert,


Type of work desired
Computer Consultant, Software Development and Programming, System Analyst, Open for Contract Work.

Diverse Environments :
ALL manner of Personal Computers, running DOS, VOS, Windows (3.1, 3.11, 95, NT4, 98,Y2K,ME,XP,++

), OS/2, Unix; Networks - Novell, IBM, MS; Client/Server Technology. Mainframe communications - Unisys 1100/2200 & A-Series; DEC VT; IBM 3270/5250;

Office Automation :
Most major commercial packages like Microsoft Office - Word/Excel/Access; Borland - Paradox, DBASE, WordPerfect, Lotus 123, Visual Basic, HyperAccess, CrossTalk, Email Clients, and more. And many of my own tools and utilities.

Work Experience :


: Multiple projects working as an Independent Computer Consultant.

For example a major project for 1999 was Y2K Bug related. This was to replace a Cobol program with a 'C' equivalent in VOS running in a Stratus box.

An early on going project was a full NIC device driver for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 written in 32-bit assembler and 'C' language using the MS Visual Studio. This device driver provided communications between an external Ericsson Radio modem through a COM port on the lower interface, and the TCP/IP stack on the upper interface. This was later ported to Windows 98, and some fixes applied for NT 4.0 SP3 plus. Current discussions are concerning Windows 2000, Windows CE and new higher speed interfaces such as USB.

A very early projects was with Le Cable, of Boulogne Billancourt, where I performed a number of code fixes on an American product for French Users. The source was all assembler running on a Unisys BTOS/CTOS workstation connected by a private LAN to a Unisys A-Series mainframe.

A multimedia project was to develop a 16 (and 32) bit library (DLL) to convert JPEG and GIF to windows bitmaps for display in a French browser. The core was a public domain source and I provided the library interface for the browser.

Many other PC set-ups, tutorials and projects mainly in 'C' language. An interesting one was conversion of the internal MS Flight Simulator co-ordinate system to a Windows bitmap. And I maintain a large range of personal utilities. Details can be supplied on request.

1992-1994: DCA HK Ltd, formerly Computer Logics Far East, Hong Kong

: Managing Director; Reporting: American Parent Company, DCA, in Atlanta.

Duties: Development of Digital Communication Software and Hardware for the Asian market.


* Full management of the developing China market, following software and hardware trends.

Software maintenance and feature control for the Japanese market.

* Brought together all the 'international' product work, through frequent trips to Europe, including Ireland, DCA's European product centre and USA (Cincinnati and Atlanta).

Handled localisation of the DCA software (Irma, RLN, CrossTalk) for Japanese, Korean, Chinese (PRC), Thai, Greek, Arabic and others.

* Continued to manage turnkey projects for major customers like Governments, Banks and Airlines, adding IBM and Unisys mainframe connectivity.

1982-1992: Computer Logics Far East , division of Creamola Ltd, Hong Kong

: Technical Director; Reporting: Original Canadian Parent Company, Computer Logics Ltd, merged in 1990 with Chi Corp. of Cleveland.

Duties: Development of Communication Software and Hardware for the Asian market.


* Took Company from formation to an annual turnover of US$ 1.5 million with a net profit margin of 40%.

Success in penetrating the China market with specially developed PC-to-Mainframe communication software and hardware. Also sold mainframe hardware.

* Excellent results in penetrating the Japanese market, through development of localised (in Japanese) software and hardware products. These products were marketed by Unisys Japan Ltd and Nihon Unisys Ltd, a marketing and development Company in which Unisys has a 1/3 interest.

Successes with large European accounts, like Lufthansa, IBM Germany, SAS, Amadeus and others. This involved frequent trips to Europe and Canada, and later USA, up to 3-5 times per year.

* Handled localisation of software for Japanese, Korean, Chinese (PRC), Thai, Greek, Arabic as well as around 10 European languages. In essence this HK office handled all the 'odd/difficult' languages.

Developed and managed turnkey projects for major customers like Cathay Pacific Airways and the Singapore Government. This included negotiating the primary specification, coding tests, primary development, to testing, qualification and contact settlement.

1867-1981: Management and Accounting for a number of mainly accounting companies.
1964-1967 : High School Teacher, teaching Mathematics and Science.

Education (since age 14)
Gilgandra High School,
1959-1961 Leaving Certificate
Bathurst Teachers' College, 1962-1963 Teacher's Certificate


Mother tongue English, French (Fair only)

28 December 1944 ; Nationality : Australian, resident in France. Married to: Annie E. L. Bachelet, Nationality French

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