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I am often pushed to fully remember the full history of Microsoft Windows, but found the following here, a press release :-

SAN JOSE, Calif. - April 30, 1996 - Delivering on its commitment to cross-platform support, Microsoft Corp. today released Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 2.0 for the Windows® 3.1 operating system. Users of Windows 3.1 can now access the Internet with a high-speed, feature-rich Web browser for a 16-bit environment. This no-cost browser is easy to use and will allow users of Windows 3.1 to view the latest pages on the Internet, access various Internet newsgroups, and send and receive Internet e-mail. The delivery of Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 for Windows 3.1, along with the recent shipment of Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.0 for the Macintosh®, marks Microsoft's dedication to providing Web browser support for popular platforms such as Windows 95 and the Windows NT® operating system, the Macintosh and Windows 3.1.

... then a few years later, here :-

REDMOND, Wash. - Jan. 21, 1998 - Delivering on its commitment to offer true platform support and premier browser functionality, Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate, worldwide availability of Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 and Outlook™ Express for the Windows® 3.1 and Windows NT® 3.51 operating systems. This release joins the family of award-winning Internet Explorer 4.0 products for Windows 95, Windows NT, Macintosh and the current beta version for UNIX.

But after a few more miss hits, found a nice Windows time line that I was looking for here.

On November 10, 1983, Microsoft announced Microsoft Windows®, an extension of the MS-DOS® operating system that would provide a graphical operating environment for PC users. With Windows, the graphical user interface (GUI) era at Microsoft had begun.

But it was not until around 1990 that Window 3.x truly arrived, followed by the so called re-write, Window NT, New Technology, in 1993. Then 1995 brought the very popular Windows 95, and 1996 Windows NT 4.0 Workstation/Server. The very popular 1998 release, and the Millennium Edition (ME) 2000 on the User side, led to Windows 2000 on the NT strain, both strains to be usurped by the 'New Experience', Windows XP, home and professional, in 2001. In brief, from here :-

1985 - Windows 1.0
1987 - Windows 2.0
1990 - Windows 3.0
1993 - Windows for Workgroup 3.11
1993 - Windows NT 3.1
1995 - Windows 95
1996 - Windows NT 4.0
1998 - Windows 98
1999 - Windows 98 Second Edition
2000: Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me)
2000: Windows 2000 Professional
2001: Windows XP
2001: Windows XP 64-bit Edition


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