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What more can be said about Unix, in all its forms, under all its name. Some 230 are listed below, and that was just from ONE site ;-))

But our, quite small at the beginning, Canadian company, Computer Logics saw that this was an important OS, and always had a UNIX department. Some of my first C experiences were getting the Unix version of the UTS emulator, and trying, with Japanese engineers, to get UTS-40 running to be able to do Kanji displays.

Later was involved in creating, and downloading a UTS emulator, C source, to our 'intelligent' communication board, which processed the low level data stream, and passed display data across the bus to cursors for display output. Of course we later had many 'emulator', and wanted to download multiple blocks to handle multiple ports. 

Most recently, I gained some more Unix understanding helping support an across compile GNU flight simulator, FlightGear, which included several forms of Unix, including perhaps one of the most known form, Linux, Microsoft Windows (98/2000/XP), and the MAC OS X. Somewhere on their developer message board I saw *nix used to try to cover all forms, and that seems to fit ;-))

Typing UNIX into Yahoo says "out of about 42,000,000 hits", so there is a lot to read about it. And of course we know the www depends on millions of *nix servers out there. I can say I like coding for Unix. It is usually straight forward in the sense that you get to concentrate on the algorithm your trying to code, rather than how great it looks. The tools are there, and while some think perl is the only form of coding, it does seem to be at least holding its own, or perhaps growing in popularity.

For some history of unix try http://www.levenez.com/unix/. It was here that I got this unix name list, some in his historic time line, and some he has seen, but not tracked down, and added to the graphical line ...


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Some details about a great tool, PuTTY, a Telnet and SSH client ...

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Which linux distribution is the BEST? This is a simple question, with NO simple answer. A friend recently pointed me to a site where you can read -

'..., Linux distributions can be broadly classified according to the package management they support. Package manager is a program similar to a setup installer in windows. There are two main players in this arena. One is deb package, the other being rpm (short for Redhat Package Manager).

Most Linux distributions follow one or the other of the above said package format to install applications. For example, Linux distributions like Debian (http://www.debian.org/) and Ubuntu (http://www.ubuntulinux.org/) follow the 'deb' package format where as Redhat (http://www.redhat.com/), Mandriva (http://www.mandriva.com/), SuSe (http://www.novell.com/linux/suse/), and the likes follow the 'rpm' format.' ...

I have now downloaded, and tried some CD-ROM based distributions - see this page.

I recently, December, 2005, found this site offering WIN32 binaries for some, many, GNU utilities -
http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/ - have not tried them all yet ;=))
I downloaded UnxUtils.zip (3.3MB), and UnxUpdates.zip (800KB) ...
The find was using Yahoo!, with a search string 'unix diff utility WIN32 binary' ...

Another site found using the same search string - http://www.softpanorama.org/Tools/index.shtml - offered the following gem - "There are many people who use UNIX or Linux but who IMHO do not understand UNIX. UNIX is not just an operating system, it is a way of doing things, and the shell plays a key role by providing the glue that makes it work. The UNIX methodology relies heavily on reuse of a set of tools rather than on building monolithic applications. Even perl programmers often miss the point, writing the heart and soul of the application as perl script without making use of the UNIX toolkit. David Korn (bold italic is mine -- BNN)"

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