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There were/are TWO programs here.
* The first, SHOWRES.Exe is a Window application, that not only extracts the resources, but displays the resulting Icons, Cursors, Bitmaps, and a sample screen is shown.
* The second, SHOWDLLS.Exe is a DOS version, so what is shown below is the simple HELP text, which explains its use.

This is a SHOWRES display after it has EXTRACTED some RESOURCES

Display of a typical Showres Screen

SHOWDLLS - Version 1.0.03  18 March 1996 - Geoff R. McLane
Purpose: Is to READ an NE or PE EXE/DLL and trace its IMPORT Table.
Usage: SHOWDLLS [[-D[ebug]] -D] [-O OutFile] InFilePathName
Notes: 1 - Additional -d switches produce more information.
       2 - There MUST be a space between -O and OutFile name.
       3 - If the InFilePathName contains a Drive or a Directory,
       then this will be used as one of the Search PATHS, else
       the current directory will be used.
       4 - The Search PATH order is the given or current work above
       followed by those in the PATH environment variable.
       5 - An attempt is made to include C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM even
       if it is NOT in the PATH environment variable, but C:\WINDOWS
       is NOT included if NOT in the PATH, but perhaps it should?
                                              Happy EXE discoveries!

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