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Bridge or Clock or Resources or DIB or Devices or Home

Bridge is a very enjoyable game, but it is very difficult to convert 'knowledge' to code. [ BR ICON to Bridge.htm ] I started this game in DOS, in assembler, but it stalled. Then this Windows version became a very versatile Bridge 'tools'. It builds, evaluates and stores hands, etc. But more work is needed on the BIDDING and PLAYING code logic to go into general release!

Bridge for Windows

Since I was travelling a lot with my Computer, a WORLD Clock was something I needed. [ ] Perhaps I could work it that I do not change the actual CMOS PC clock, but change CLOCKW to display the time in this new place. Then of course it has to show night and day so I can more or less 'see' what time it is in any part of the world.

World Clock for Windows

What constitutes an EXECUTABLE file, object or Library has always had interest for me. The pair of applications in the Group called SHOW RESOURCES puts these object in the spot light.

Show Resources

For Multimedia, and Internet file viewing and manipulation I use my compilation of DIBView, a Device Independant Bitmap viewer (reads and writes BMP Files), I added, through PUBLIC DOMAIN JPEG software, a WJPEG Library that includes GIF and JPG reads, and writes.

DIB Viewer

This self education on the Windows GDI (Graphic Device Interface) quickly led to trying to paint, in some form or another, the earth, and populate it with man-made objects, like airports, railways, highways, etc. An early attempts was to find airport data in the Microsoft Flight Simulator files, namely BGL files, so circa 1995 FS File Viewer was born.

FS File Viewer

An that has led on to newer, other attempts at the same, if you follow the links there ...

Above are just a FEW interesting projects, but my strength is my work with LOW LEVEL Device Drivers. [ DD ICON to Driver.htm ] Interrupt code, TSR's in DOS, in UNIX, in OS/2, and Devices (SYS) in Windows 3.11, and Devices (VXD) in Windows 95, 98, ME, and Windows NT 4++, and WDM (W2K and XP). These constitute the really TOUGH and INTERESTING code! Still, in Windows XP, running on the NT train ...

To Device Drivers

Here are some windows tools I maintain ... Win Tools

Of course I am familiar with literally hundreds of commercial packages; I write code in multiple languages; work on multiple platforms, different OS's and CPU's, and know and use a WIDE variety of tools and environments ... What more can I say ? ... Email for more details.

Email and you shall know!
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