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Just a list of javascript references found ... by no means complete! Just some personal observations ...

link description rating
mozilla mozilla development center (MDC) - this main pages has lots of links. The main page has technology links, like DOM, which gives links to the Gecko Document Object Model Reference. This can lead to document methods, like param), document.execCommand, etc. Documents seems recent, in that there were updates well into 2008. Looks good.
VisiBone Excerpts of VisiBone JavaScript references. Is a quick reference of the functions available, like Math.round(expression), nicely grouped as Number, String, Number <–> String, Boolean, Date, Math, Array, Function, logic, Object, type, object-orientation, Error (exceptions), with some (cryptic) stylised examples. Ok.
javascript kit In their own word's - a comprehensive listing of JavaScript objects, properties, and methods. Also includes explanations and examples. In this case document open takes a parameter of[mimeType])!. The optional "mineType" argument (default is text/html), can be like "image/gif". It contains lots of examples. updated June 2008. Looks good.
javascript This site has been around for a long time. They have MANY examples. They have a reference page, but can not find much actual javascript reference material. But if you want to learn by EXAMPLE, then this is the site for you ;=)) Ok.
W3CScools This is the site I always use for actual HTML references, and it looks like I shall begin using it for DOM references as well. For example, the DOM reference is well laid out. The left column navigation allows you to jump to what you are looking for. There is an interesting interactive test editor, where you can modify the code and test what happens. The document open gives two parameters -,replace)! And I was easily able to create, and write some text (UNICODE) to a file. Very Good.
DevGuru As well an some online reference material, the Quick Reference is available for purchase in PDF format ($10) for easy off-line viewing and printing. Again the document open has the Syntax:[mimeType[,replace]]), which seems the best description so far, and there is some sample code. Ok.

NB: Many examples of the document open have been added to GTools/javascript/openwin2.htm

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