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NOTE: This table is NOT always up-to-date! That is, it does NOT always list _ALL_ the downloads available in this FlightGear section of my site. They are arranged more or less chronologically. Be WARNED that older downloads may not function with the latest FlightGear data set!

Table of Downloads
Date Download Web Page Brief Description MD5 Digest
18/11/2008 FgfsSharpe01.zip fgfs-046.htm MSV#8 - Runtime of generic IO examples 3a4dc2b1d890b5a77713976d6d416064
18/11/2008 FgfsSharp-01.zip fgfs-046.htm MSV#8 - Source of generic IO examples e59571c9efbdead15e2fd8be6ee1265a
11/11/2008 vc9sln04.zip fgfs-045.htm Solution Files 1f39ef59239429f0f4565b0cdac2dcb4
11/11/2008 fgvc9rt04.zip fgfs-045.htm Runtime Files 8e1b4987ea59e3fb87ea62019f352eeb
11/11/2008 fgfs-full-02.zip fgfs-045.htm Full source, except base data 99ad559d874f4938de969deeec5728c2
2008/04/25 altas-01-exe.zip fgfs-044.htm WIN32 executables 106d10d9e5e6c17963572c51e9fdbbde
2008/04/21 vc9sln01.zip fgfs-043.htm Solutions Files 1d51ef80521b7a74855221393667b8b5
2008/04/21 fgvc9rt01.zip fgfs-043.htm Runtime Files 477962240300dd5ee0081245f962a8b9
10/03/2008 vc8sln08.zip fgfs-042.htm Single MSVC8 solution, excl OSG 0c827883bacaa586e8166560744443d3
10/03/2008 fgvc8rt08.zip fgfs-042.htm Runtime EXE and DLL - MSVC8 de5be72dccac0bf7ab694f15878345cd

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07/08/2007 vc8sln07.zip fgfs-040.htm Single MSVC8 solution, excl OSG 2afbe987af9996b9f1b4156583b256cf
06/08/2007 fgvc8rt07.zip fgfs-040.htm Runtime EXE and DLL - MSVC8 20cb69a472fbc75b7be11611424623c8
24/05/2007 vc7sln02.zip fgfs-039.htm My TWO SOLUTION SYSTEM - All the MSVC7 project files to build FlightGear, excluding the build of OSG.  
24/05/2007 fgvc7rt02.zip fgfs-039.htm A release configuration of flightgear.exe, together with all the DLL (shared libraries) needed to run the application.  
24/05/2007 vc8sln06.zip fgfs-038.htm Single MSVC8 solution, excl OSG 3348492d920fc81d9732e14abfad0829
24/05/2007 fgvc8rt06.zip fgfs-038.htm Runtime EXE and DLL - MSVC8 e3fe83c06614ef9fa9796964935f0a4e
2007/05/18 vc8sln05.zip fgfs-037.htm MSVC8 Single solution file, with all the VC PROJECT (.vcproj) files. All 26 projects, in this case  
2007/05/18 fgvc8rt05.zip fgfs-037.htm MSVC8 Win32 Release Runtime and DLL (shared libraries), and includes a bunch of batch files, in the bats folder, to aid in running FG  
2007/04/26 vc7sln01.zip fgfs-036.htm MSVC7 solution files. 96ee6a4869e85d5a331a5cf2aace34eb
2007/04/26 fgvc7rt01.zip fgfs-036.htm MSVC7 runtime files. aeb0442bb17e1e46673ad22adcbd6c24
2007/03/20 vc8sln04.zip fgfs-034.htm MSVC8 solution and project files. a8b8a0da04b0b8ca86fdac978fa3c8ac
2007/03/20 fgvc8rt04.zip fgfs-034.htm Release binary, FlightGear.EXE, and shared (DLL) libraries. 84fc5c20f7dcad127e539ed6c2d309b8
2006/07/29 fgfs-030-02.zip fgfs-030.htm MSVC8 solution and project files. 1aae546563609c12947f1a9b469af85e
2006/07/29 fgfs-030-01.zip fgfs-030.htm release binary, FlightGear.EXE, and three(3) sound shared (DLL) libraries (OpenAL). 583bf1038f713dc111f493460520099d
2006/07/06 fgrun-01.zip fgfs-027.htm runtime executable. Since it is built with MSVC8 there is no guarantee it will run on your system 6f4220fb652626525cda3f161310f3be
2006/04/14 msvc6build.zip fgfs-024.htm ALL the DSW/DSP files from this set of folders. Note some were not used. Note this build with MSVC6 FAILED to run! e796b24ecca4395d7b178fcb676190cc
2006/04/06 buildset8.zip fgfs-023.htm all the SLN/VCPROJ files used. 4ecc5971903734b3a22fea5b1d5ca420
2006/04/06 msvc8rt.zip fgfs-023.htm WIN32 Release binary (EXE), and the DLLs used to run it. e8350ece8559b20b7a41b46f2022ffab
2005/11/28 fgfs-0.9.9.zip fgfs-021.htm binary executable, FlightGear.exe. 5cbb6e0a42903ddd36fe1b763c1187f7
2005/11/13 fg099-pre3.zip fgfs-018.htm windows executable, FlightGear.EXE. de6afd52dd7edf8acc2bd113610af938
2005/10/18 msvc-1005.zip fgfs-014.htm all the *.sln, and *.vcproj MSVC7 files used. Where there is no solution/project files, the older MSVC6 files, *.dsw and *.dsp, which can be loaded in MSVC7, have ALSO been included. 6bed5fc82dbbcfa7a1bcebb577dbe431
2005/03/09 atlas-bld-01.zip fgfs-006.htm files I used to build release. 28c9563e5d5156885be1a7e1ab18c824
2005/03/09 atlas-exe-01.zip fgfs-006.htm release version of Map and Atlas WIN32 executables. 52331ff575e6a5cacbb178abcf3f6459
2005/03/09 fgfs-01.6.zip index.htm all the (*.dsw, *.dsp) files. 383165fbe3a03eeee3a4004b070dd355
2005/03/09 fgfs-02.zip index.htm all the (*.sln,*.vcproj) files. 50d403931d9c2eb62685e22ce05bd943
2005/03/09 fg099-dbg.zip index.htm 0.9.8plus Debug executable 78a389eda24f247ce68a5291aa4dcdba
2005/03/09 fg099-rel.zip index.htm 0.9.8plus Release executable 93c67ee7cfe502af1add0324bfa9d59f
2005/02/06 Am2exe01.zip fgfs-011.htm source zip of an AM2DSP project - abandoned 2440a96fe9f3e8a897d9ad222b28f2ba
2005/02/05 Am2-01.zip fgfs-011.htm WIN32 binary executable. 8171d9ed4f5afe1d83630669f070a84f
2005/01/30 AtlasRT.zip fgfs-006.htm Atlas/Map, executables, previous version. ae3fa3661d5ab12ca9156e8a5ff592c8
2005/01/30 AtlasProj.zip fgfs-006.htm Atlas/Map, project files, previous version. 058b1aca2aa12087d7f42525b65b461b
2005/01/24 fgfs-01.zip index2.htm Build files MSVC7 2d59cc4804cb19e1b261826b8d56f42d
2005/01/24 fg098-dbg.zip index2.htm release 098 fdbc9f0c07c865a33078c4a2971344f8
2005/01/24 fg098-rel.zip index2.htm debug 098 727d1f0fa49d9b1e96801fda59e9888c

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