FlightGear 0.9.9-pre3


Sunday, 13 November 2005 - FlightGear 0.9.9-pre3 - in 79 minutes!

One development board person recently stated he had done a CVS update, and complete build of FlightGear in about an HOUR, in a *nix type machine ... I want to see how long it take me, using MSVC7.1 ... to build PLIB, SimGear, and FlightGear ... both Debug and Release configurations ... and I try to NOT include the time to write this blog ;=))

CVS Update:
1:02 - Begin CVS update
1:13 - End main update, PLIB, SimGear, FlightGear/source, and FlightGear/data
Am not sure why this take so LONG? I think it is due to my SLOW uplink ... my ADSL is 512KB/??KB, grace a Wanadoo (France Telecom) ... I think the upload side is only 64KB! ... maybe?
Sub-Total: 11 Minutes

PLIB Build:
1:20 - Start PLIB make, after loading the PLIB.dsw, and checking all projects are Multithreaded (/MT) ...
One fatal error - missing puAuxList.cxx - just deleted it from the build, and in ssgLoad3ds.cxx, add some braces to 'fix' operator precedence warning ...
1:28 - End Debug build
1:29 - Start Release build
1:32 - End Release build
Sub-Total: 12 minutes

SimGear Build:
1:34 - Copy CVS SimGear to work - FG099/SimGear ... unpack zlib ... load SimGear.dsw ... remove mklib, and zlib projects, and put zlib back correctly ... copy simgear_config.h.vc5 to simgear_config.h ...
1:39 - Begin build - load SimGear.dsw ...
1:44 - Needed to fix the path to PLIB includes, and to OpenAL. I am using the OpenAL SDK download, so have to add 'C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.1 SDK,C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\AL'
1:47 - End Debug build
1:49 - Start Release build, after copying include paths from Debug
1:51 - End Release build. It shows -
SimGear - 0 error(s), 9 warning(s)
but choose to ignore the warnings for now ;=)) And the process was speeded up by the fact that I could COPY/PASTE the includes from a previous 0.9.8 build ;=()
Sub-Total: 17 minutes

FlightGear Setup:
1:53 - Copy the CVS FlightGear/data to my work FG099/FlightGear/data
1:57 - Copy the CVS FlightGear/source to my work FG099/FlightGear/source
and remember to copy config.h-msvc6.in to config.h
1:59 - Done work setup
Sub-Total: 6 minutes

FlightGear Build:
2:01 -  Load FlightGear/source/FlightGear.dsw ... Check FlightGear configuration - Both Debug and Release set to /MTd ... correct Release to /MT. Again I am lucky! I can COPY from a previous working build to get the includes done quickly ....
2:05 - Fatal error - src/time/sunpos.cxx/hxx does not exist ... remove, and continue!
2:17 - Compile completed, but LINK produces -
FlightGear - 4244 error(s), 245 warning(s) - YOW!
2:20 - Again, I can COPY/PASTE the 'Additional Dependencies', and 'Additional Library include directories', from my previous build, and I get a build -
Build: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped
2:22 - Move onto Release configuration, copying from previous ...
2:24 - Start compile
2:34 - End compile and link. Of course I am IGNORING the warnings -
FlightGear - 0 error(s), 250 warning(s)
Sub-Total: 33 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 79 minutes - 1 hour 19 minutes CVS update to complete compile, and link. Not bad ... this is on a Windows XP SP2, Intel P4 3.0Mhz, 1MB RAM machine ...

First Flight with 0.9.9-pre3:
Now to run it, using the Release version - command line, from within C:\FG099\FlightGear folder -
source\Release\FlightGear.exe --fg-root=C:\FG099\FlightGear\data
Of course, I had to switch to --time-of-day=noon, since I do NOT like to take off in the DARK ... but the little Cessna accelerated, with a dab on the right brake now and again to even stay NEAR the runway, let alone the centre line ... and I could take off ...

Here is a screen scape, reduced down to 512x384 and saved as a JPEG format file :-

You will note the time - 2:47 ... all done in less than 2 hours ;=)) updated, built, and FLYING ...


PS: If you want to try my windows executable, it is here, in a zip file - for the safety conscience, here are the digest-sums for this zip file :-
MD5 (fg099-pre3.zip) = de6afd52dd7edf8acc2bd113610af938
SHA1 (fg099-pre3.zip) = 27AD81D1BFF4A1E9EAB1AB37723682527D3F4760
Be warned, downloading and running binary files from internet can be bad for the health of your PC ;=(( ... take due care ... This is built to run with the current CVS FlightGear/data, namely version=0.9.9-pre3 ...


Some other details:

This is my FlightGear 'Additional Include Directories' -
..\..,.\src,.\src\Include,..\..\SimGear\source,..\..\SimGear\source\src-libs\zlib-1.1.4,C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.1 SDK,C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\AL

This is my FlightGear 'Additional Dependencies' - this is the Release configuration -
ws2_32.lib SimGear.lib fnt.lib js.lib net.lib psl.lib puAux.lib pui.lib pw.lib sg.lib sl.lib ssgAux.lib ssg.lib ul.lib zlib.lib openal32.lib alut.lib

This is my FlightGear 'Additional Library Directories' - this is the Release configuration -
..\..\SimGear\source\Release; ..\..\PLIB;..\..\Simgear\source\src-libs\zlib-1.1.4\Release;C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\libs\Win32

This is my SimGear 'Additional Include Directories' -
.,..\..,.\SimGear,.\src-libs\zlib-1.1.4,C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.1 SDK,C:\Program Files\OpenAL 1.1 SDK\AL

Naturally, the 'directories' will DEPEND on where you have loaded things. My C:\FG099 work folder, contains sub-directories of PLIB, SimGear, and FlightGear ... and I am using a binary download of OpenAL SDK ...