GNU Unix Utils

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Quite a while ago, found this, now quite old, set of GNU utilities ported to win32...

The list is quite long, and certainly have NOT tested them all -
agrep.exe ansi2knr.exe basename.exe bc.exe bison.exe bunzip2.exe bzip2.exe bzip2recover.exe cat.exe chgrp.exe chmod.exe chown.exe cksum.exe cmp.exe comm.exe compress.exe cp.exe csplit.exe cut.exe date.exe dc.exe dd.exe df.exe diff.exe diff3.exe dircolors.exe dirname.exe du.exe echo.exe egrep.exe env.exe expand.exe expr.exe factor.exe fgrep.exe find.exe flex.exe fmt.exe fold.exe fsplit.exe gawk.exe gclip.exe gplay.exe grep.exe gsar.exe gunzip.exe gzip.exe head.exe id.exe indent.exe install.exe join.exe jwhois.exe less.exe lesskey.exe ln.exe logname.exe ls.exe m4.exe make.exe makedepend.exe makemsg.exe man.exe md5sum.exe mkdir.exe mkfifo.exe mknod.exe mv.exe mvdir.exe nl.exe od.exe paste.exe patch.exe pathchk.exe pclip.exe pr.exe printenv.exe printf.exe ptx.exe pwd.exe recode.exe rm.exe rman.exe rmdir.exe sdiff.exe sed.exe seq.exe sh.exe sha1sum.exe shar.exe sleep.exe sort.exe split.exe stego.exe su.exe sum.exe sync.exe tac.exe tail.exe tar.exe tee.exe test.exe touch.exe tr.exe tsort.exe type.exe uname.exe unexpand.exe uniq.exe unrar.exe unshar.exe unzip.exe uudecode.exe uuencode.exe wc.exe wget.exe which.exe whoami.exe xargs.exe yes.exe zcat.exe zip.exe zsh.exe



Take care downloading and running executables from the web!

It is always preferable that you find the open source, and compile the binary yourself

Date Link Size MD5
2006/10/31 3,365,638 59567db7fc650e1e778f91702ed109c6
2006/10/31 878,847 9b44ede7449f991439b32bbdd844df7b
2003/10/15 25,092,142 856c926e5e0e7ec6c4ff873597e651e2
The tools wget.exe is included in the, but not in the source.
This is a separated more recent Ubuntu download
2011/06/10 809,761 5c47582a33320eb64a8dd6f4f7030075


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