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gutsy gnome gaff - got fed up!


TWICE now I have installed Ubuntu 7.10 (amd64) (Gutsy?), reformatting the ext2 partition again each time, and twice the SAME problem! My general machine details are given at the bottom.

The install works fine from the ISO burned CD-ROM - I have done memory checks, and a CD-ROM verification, and for the first day in Ubuntu all is GOOD ;=)) great stuff ...

Then the next time I boot, and sign in, I get the desktop back ground, but no gnome menu or status line!!! I have tried adjusting the display, but they are not just off screen.

Alt+Shift+F6 shows only the 'desktop' icon ...

I can do Ctrl+Alt+F4, and get a terminal login, and login as me, or root - I have setup root access, but that was AFTER this problem ... but what to do in here?

And from the multi-boot menu, I can choose (recovery mode), and sign in as root ... but again, what to do in here? Except # reboot ;=)) and on reboot, I do see briefly something like 'Stopping GNOME display manager' ...

During the normal load, I can sort of see gnome 'trying' to come up ... that is, there are white lines flashed at the top and bottom, but eventually they stay off, and I only have the desktop background, and, oh, one drive icon (Disk 2), which will open the File Browser ... so the 'system' seems to be 'working' ...

Also, if I put the 'install' CD in, then I get the CD-ROM icon, and clicking on it will also open the File Browser, showing the 'File system', and other things ...

Maybe someone can help with changing gnomes configuration - I am able to run gconftool-2, (v 2.20.0), but what to change? Or try, with this?

I have read some posts mentioning problems with gnome and 64-bits - maybe I should install Ubuntu 32-bits, but I do have this nice 64-bit CPU ;=)) And others have suggested Ubuntu 7.04 is more stable ...

Or even download, and install KDE instead, but would need some help on that ... I do not seem to have internet access from the terminal I can get to, but do have it from other machines ...


This is not really a solution, but an alternative. I changed to the KDE desktop. This site HELPED a lot -

The main command were - login -

$ sudo aptitude update, and
$ sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop

Logout, and reboot, and in the KDE sign in page select Session Type KDE, answer a few question, and you are away with the 'bluish' KDE desktop.

So as stated, while this DOES NOT solve the GNOME problem, it does provide me with a suitable work environment ...


Machine Configuration: LAN Name: DELL02
Dell XPS420 (D01X408),
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (viiv - 64-bit),
RAM: 2046 MB,
HDD: 2 x 298 GB ATA 7200Rpm
- Disk 0: Vista Ultimate - 32-bit - ntfs,
- Disk 1: split into 2 partitions,
-- partition 1 - ntfs for Windows (Disk 2),
-- partition 2 - Ubuntu 7.10 amd64 gutsy OS - 50 GB - ext2 +
swap - 1GB, + balance ~99GB - FAT32
Video: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT (256MB),
Display: Dell 19" flat screen, generic PnP Monitor, run at 1280x1024, 76 Hz,
DVD Drive: RW,
Dell All-In-One Printer 810,
etc ... total Euro 1,418.- delivered.

PS: As I have read in other posts, I do get a fsch file system check during the boot, but this is secondary at present ...

Extracts from -

$ sudo aptitude update
$ sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop

During the installation process, you should be asked whether you want to use KDM or GDM as your default display manager. If you think you'll use KDE more frequently, make KDM your default. If you think you'll use Gnome more frequently, keep GDM as your default.

The default can always be changed later by modifying the /etc/X11/default-display-manager file. For KDM, the file should read /usr/bin/kdm; for GDM, the file should read /usr/sbin/gdm

If you later decide you don't want KDE any more, go back to the terminal and paste in

$ sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop

Wednesday, April 02, 2008.

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