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I have split TRAVEL into TWO types :-

1. REAL - Travel to distant lands, to smell the strange air, touch new ground, meet different people. FUN, REAL and INTERESTING! Although I have been to some new places recently I have not yet added these. I hope to soon. Unfortunately, I have not added to this section in years - last was " P14 Update: Dec 99"  except Malta, 2004, but a recent trip inland, from Sydney, got me to revisit some wonderful places, like Gilgandra, August, 2005.



2. VIRTUAL - Through early DOS Flight Simulator, up to version 5.0a, to FS for Windows 95 and through many add-in, and one particular add-on called Rallye Tour du Monde, I can fly my Lear Jet just about anywhere. The world tour is picked up at Sanaa, near the Red Sea, onto Karachi, on the Indian sub-continent, then Ahmedabad. Where ever your fancy takes you! Today it is in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Professional Edition, and now MSFS 2002 ... and onward pursuit.

But have started to add some little stuff, and interesting links, to several/many other flight simulator, particularly a GNU project, I guess headed by Curt, FlightGear (FREE), and many of the components that go to making it very possible. Of course I will drift into coding flight simulation, if you let me ...


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