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Having recently installed ubuntu 7.10, I was anxious to checkout (download) HTML Tidy source, and build it in this linux platform. It turned out to be a piece of cake ;=))



I used the HTML Tidy CVS source, using the instructions from http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=27659. Initially I was confused by the fact that the root only contains folders, but I found what I was looking for in the 'build' directory. As the readme.txt in there advise there are several options.



I chose the gnuauto, using GNU autoconf, which supports shared libraries, which is what I wanted ... but maybe gmake and/or rpm folders also support this. Before leaving this build/readme.txt I also noted that I could add some options, like SUPPORT_ACCESSIBILITY_CHECKS, but I will deal with this later.

However since the accessibility checks ran in the tests below, maybe this particular item is on by default ... and I can see that the src/Makefile has a -DSUPPORT_ACCESSIBILITY_CHECKS ... moreover configure.in does an -
in the default situation ...

The readme.txt in build/gnuauto gives clear instructions on how to proceed, namely to run, from the root :-
 $ build/gnuauto/setup.sh 
Maybe it was not required, but I first did :-
 $ chmod 754 build/gnuauto/setup.sh 

After this completed, I had a more 'normal' looking root folder, with a configure, Makefile.am, etc ... then in this root, and I ran the usual :-
 $ ./configure --prefix=/usr 

Followed by -
 $ make 

And seeing no problems - the sudo is only if not logged in as root -
 $ sudo make install 

This installed the tidy binary executable in /usr/bin, and the libtidy.so in /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 ... so I could run tidy :-
 $ tidy -v 

And get the output :-

HTML Tidy for Linux released on 22 March 2008

As stated, what a PIECE-OF-CAKE ;=))



Changing into the test folder, I tried running :-
 $ ./testall.sh 
but found that I have to modify testone.sh from :-
to just
and it ran fine, putting all the results in a 'tmp' folder ...

After likewise amending the testaccessone.sh to 'find' tidy binary, it ran. I could run :-
 $ ./testaccess.sh 
but it output some errors. I have yet to look into exactly what these are ... it seems tests 5-5-1-3 and 5-6-1-3 failed to yield the expected results ...


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