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Of course, you could download the FULL SOURCE, and compile Tidy yourself, but if you just want to try it, here is a WIN32 binary, in a ZIP file. Click on the link below to download the zip file to your computer, and extract the tidytest.exe file, in the zip, into one of your PATH folders, or any folder of your choice...

14 February 2006
23 February 2006

This 'test' version of Tidy simply addresses a current 'feature' which removes leading spaces from XML text during parsing, thus rendering the original text as 'garbage'. By adding the configuration option of '--add-xml-space yes', this version of Tidy will preserve the leading spaces when parsing XML ....

Alternatively, you can apply this simple patch, tidytest.txt, to the cvs source, and compile your own binary in any one of the many platforms supported. And the following is a simple test file you can use to compare the output of the released tidy, with that of this test version - I have called it in_1365706.htm ... that is the 'bug' number used to report this 'error' back in November, 2005 ... go to to read it in detail ...

<title>[1365706] XML space removed after any tag on XML parse</title>
<p><b>this is</b> a test <a href="foo">bar</a> no bar</p>

And a configuration file, which I called cfg_1365706.txt -

add-xml-space: yes
input-xml: yes
output-xml: yes
wrap: 0

As usual, hope this helps someone ...


Link to ovrlap.htm - error example file only.


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