As a way of 'separating' things, I have begun developing what I call 'sub-webs' ... that just means they are 'housed' in a sub-folder, and have some form of self-contained navigation to the pages ... they each have an 'index.htm', thus can be 'addressed' by - domain-name/sub-folder -. will load that sub-folders 'index.htm' ...

At present, there is -

link description date
Birds a birds page, presently with only a visiting dove ... July, 2008
MacPc A site dedicated to MAC and PC help! June, 2007
MS My MS Windows applications ... June, 2007
Antony some 2004/2005 construction images ... May, 2007
FG FlightGear sub-menu Jun, 2006
Flags a set of national flags Nov, 2005
Mona Some images of Mona, growing ... May, 2004


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