Mona 2

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A quick September 2004 update - Mona, and her friends ... Note, with some browsers, you may have to click on the [ Refresh ] button, or menu item, repeatedly, and, be quite patient, especially if using a dial-up connection - some images are quite large, to get the detail ...

I'm watching you ...
mona3704.jpg image

I'm a happy kid, so far, so good
mona3830.jpg image

I'm thinking ... let us see ...
mona4026.jpg image mona4058.jpg image

Wait, why is Dad (Paulo), carrying the dog (Kero), and me flat on my back, being pushed along by Simone?
mona3902.jpg image mona3904.jpg image mona3915.jpg image

Me, with Geoff, and Annie
mona3515.jpg image mona3517.jpg image mona3520.jpg image

Here I am decked out in different gear ... cute, huh?
mona4104.jpg image mona4122.jpg image

And I sleep a little ... ahhhh ... zzzzzzz
mona4087.jpg image

And finally, with Mum (Carla), Annie, and Rom, me getting some grub
annie-05.jpg image

That's it folks. End of today's show ... Back to my first show, or

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