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These are just SOME of the job servers for the IT market in Australia, some of which will send you an email each day of jobs suiting your 'profile' .... easing some of the search effort ;-)) As stated below I am now fully retired, but keep this page in case it helps others.

Icon/Logo/Link Description/Link
Adzuna Logo Aug, 2014 - Have not tried this one - Adzuna - they found this page and asked I add it... why not give it a try... they have a video.
gigajobs image Jan, 2014 - Have not tried this one - - they found this page and asked I add it... why not give it a try - logo image Dec, 2010 - Have not tried this one - - but it looks to have a simple, elegant interface, and is 'indeed' world wide...
careerjet link Jan, 2008 - have not tried this one - - but they are employing some nifty multiple 'partner' searches through JobBox, and SearchBox ...
seek link seems an all around popular site,
it2 link
probably follows a close second, IT2 appears 'sponsored' by
candle + paxus + rma + spherion
jobnet link is very solid,
icon link uses the SEEK interface,
jkm link
has a quite unique feel,, but as 'Affiliates and Partners', they list the following, so there is a round-about feel. ;-))
jkm link
mycareer link through f2net link has a good feel,
jobserve link added another great view,
careerone link at
jobsearch link from , where you need to have a 'JobSeeker' ID, and have established a PIN number password ...
macro link Feb 2005 - tried a new one ...

... and there are probably lots more ;-)) I have subsequently retired, left Australia, and move to near Paris, France, so no longer have need of these services...

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It is hard to generalize, but each will take a good half hour to set up your account. The specific user interface varies quite a bit, but each is trying to establish a 'profile', which they use to sent you a sub-set of the jobs advertised  that day. Most let you start by doing a 'test search', and will let you choose one of the found items as the base for the email profile. This probably works well when you have a 'single' job description.

It get more complicated if your skills are spread over several disciplines. Technology changes, advancements, shifts, add another level of complexity. For example, if you only relatively recently, last 3 or 4 years, joined Microsoft's Visual Basic team, then you will want to search for VB.NET, but if you have been programming in VB virtually since it was first brought out, then you might want to add VB6. There are many other examples.

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One of the problems with email job lists is how to combine them, such that you, the user, searcher, only really has ONE list to review. The review process is strenuous enough without also having to deal with say repeated entries. I have developed a set of Microsoft Work macros that deal with some of this ...

My methodology is to select all the email, Ctrl+A, copy it to the Clipboard, Ctrl+C, switch to Word, say click on the icon in the status bar, and Paste, well Paste Special, unformatted really, my Alt+V, into the document. I have adopted a group of XML tags to delineate the various blocks of lob lists. So if I get an email from say Seek, I will look at their email to count how many jobs are there, and then type an XML open tag, like -

I then have a neat little macro to create the closing tag -

Then the unformatted text from the email is pasted in between the tags. Such email copies sometimes includes a lot blank lines, and some repetitive character lines, so I have a Delete Double Space, and More ... macro. This cleans up the email copy additions, and the email agents, I call eAgent add to the email alert. That is I am left with just the job list. This considerably reduces the amount of text to view, and I am using a consistent, known interface, namely, MS Word XP. I can then review the list, selecting those that are of interest; that fit my skill set, apply online where appropriate.

I would share this Visual Basic (for Word) with any others who might have a need, but it is now quite OLD (circa 2004), and may not function so well with later version of Word, and I have found some recent email clients that 'messed' it up. But, if you must, send me an email, and I will attach the latest as a text file, to a reply. I would add it to my site, but it is always an ongoing project ... I add refinements, adjustments, additions, every now and then.

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