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Two specials sources, because they are _SO_ large! This is the full GIT FlightGear base DATA as of 31 July, 2010, at least to --depth 1 ;=))

Download Date Size MD5 2010/07/31 1,820,130,018 d748e2bbf6acd61891217e0068321bd2 2010/07/31 1,613,584,435 81347e8d54cc60a7946c4d01f744e638

These two combined represent a copy of the gitorious fgdata repository, without all the history (depth=1). Downloaded, and unzipped into a folder of your choice, preserving all folders, it can then be UPDATED with the command :-
in\your\data\folder> git pull
and you should then have the LATEST base data...

To add to this, of course there are :-
- various 'aircraft' hangars, both 'official' and 'non-official', for adding additional aircraft, and
- the graphical interface to FG world wide scenery, since the above only includes a few tiles around San Francisco.
- and then their are additional scenery 'models' for adding specific or modified objects to the scenery...
So while the above are sufficient to get you flying, there is lots more to be had ;=))

And two other small special '3rdParty' library sources, needed for TerraGear building :-

Download Date Size MD5 Web
newmat11.tar.gz 2008-11-20 247,137 7f51beda35e37a6e8ba6b05f5f81f87d link 2008-05-07 15,258 2aecb7f7b110e77035b11ab7ac4e3c11 link

You should check these on the web link... there may be later sources available...


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