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2013-10-10: Latest Release 2.12 - free, open-source flight simulator

This is just a page to list OTHER sites that offer binary download of FlightGear, per operating system... Sometimes they are complete packages that also include a common set of FlightGear data, with aircraft and limited scenery, but sometimes this fgdata has to be downloaded separately. And of course to fly other than the default San Francisco area, you need to download additional scenery. And these 'base' packages only include about a dozen or so aircraft, but there are MANY more aircraft available.

For up to date, nightly builds, visit Dashboard [Jenkins] http://flightgear.simpits.org:8080/ - formerly [Hudson]. Complete packages are built and distributed nightly, for windows, mac and linux... These are NOT releases, but the development leading edge.

For releases you can also visit the FlightGear download page... and some ftp sites, http://fgfs.goneabitbursar.com/releases/, and a site with some older versions, since it seems it is no longer actively maintained is ftp://ftp.ihg.uni-duisburg.de/FlightGear/ ...



2013-10-17: http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/pub/mirrors/flightgear/ftp/Windows/ - Latest 2.12.0 setup exe, and several older versions



2013-02-16: http://packages.debian.org/sid/flightgear - various packages for Debian. Latest appears to be 2.10.0-4



2012-02-18: http://macflightgear.sourceforge.net/home/downloads/ - FlightGear-2.6.0.dmg - runs on Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, and 10.5, intel and ppc



Aircraft commonly included in the 'base', minimal packages -

777-200 777-200 A6M2 A6M2 b1900d b1900d bo105 bo105
c172p c172 CitationX CitationX dhc2 dhc2 Dragonfly Dragonfly
f-14b f-14b j3cub j3cub Seneca II SenecaII sopwith Camel sopwithCamel
ufo ufo ZLT-NT ZLT-NT        

The full list of aircraft can be obtained by down loading the FULL git fgdata, from - http://gitorious.org/fg - containing some 450 aircraft,
or specific aircraft from - aircraft-v2-12 - aircraft-2-10 - aircraft-v2-8
and there are various other 'hangars' where more aircraft can be download.



Scenery available in minimal 'base' package is just part of 'chunk' (10x10) w130n30, namely w122n37 w123n37 - about 4MB. It contains the following airport list - 1Q4, 23Q, 4CA8, 5CL3, 8Q1, C83, CA54, CA67, E16, KLVK, KNRC, KRHV, KSCK, KSJC, KTCY, O29, 17CL, 59CA, CL77, KCCR, KHAF, KHWD, KNUQ, KOAK, KPAO, KSFO, KSQL.

Most flightgear distributions contain a tool called 'terrasync', which, if running and configured correctly, will download 'missing' scenery as you fly, to a new area...

Or you can download and install the full Scenery from - World Scenery - where, using the graphical interface, you can click on and download 10x10 degree chunks for the whole world.


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