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From 2019: Source moved definitively to https://sourceforge.net/projects/fgms/

2016-11-17: Bumped fgms-0-x version to 0.12.0. Lots of good changes...

2013-04-14: Bumped fgms-0-x version to 0.10.27. This did not particularly involve any code changes, except perhaps bump the maximum mp packet size to 1200 (from 1024) to agree with FG multiplaymgr.cxx. The bulk of the changes were to the comments to facilitate doxygen generation of html documentation. These new pages have been placed on http://fgms.freeflightsim.org and the SF site http://fgms.sf.net has been redirected to that site.

2012-05-24: Started pushing directly to http://gitorious.org/fgms/fgms-0-x and deleted my clone.

2011-08-16: Copied my WIN32 source to Ubuntu, and built fgms in linux, and made a few minor changes. Pushed this source to a Gitorious now deleted clone of fgms-0-x - was /~geoffmcl/fgms/geoffmcls-fgms-0-x, and added a tar.gz of the source below.

2011-08-14: Thanks to Oliver Schroeder, fgms, http://fgms.sourceforge.net/, is a standalone network server for the FlightGear flight simulator and licensed under the GPL. With fgms you can fly with other pilots scattered around the world. So you can assemble experiences in formation flight and/or build virtual airlines etc.

Several times in the past, I have tried to build this server in WIN32, using MSVC, but this time have achieved some success ;=)). At this time the 'tracker' feature has been disabled in WIN32, due to the need to port, or provide a work-around for (a) unix fork(), to create multiple threads, and (b) the unix IPC mechanism, msgctl(), msgsnd(), msgrcv() to pass messages to the child threads. But anyway, 'tracking' requires the agreement of the tracking server admin, and thus at present is not a big problem.

Oliver runs the public multiplayer server, mpserver01.flightgear.org, which has a google map server extension, where you can view, live, all the current pilots online, anywhere in the world, and a status server, where the current status of each public multiplayer server is shown.

And Pete and I run an online crossfeed map

In addition, your flights, are logged by CALLSIGN in a 'tracker', and you can view your flight history at http://mpserver15.flightgear.org/modules/fgtracker/ - That site also has a flight planning page... with the BIG warning



Folder Structure:

The source used was that offered through 'git', the stable version -

  git clone git@github.com:htacg/tidy-html5.git or https://github.com/htacg/tidy-html5.git
git clone REPOSITORY fgms-0-x

See NOTE below. ALL windows building is now included in the source, which uses the CMake build system which supports all versions of MSVC, at lesat up to the lates MSVC14 2015...

Since I was building in WIN32 (XP), using MSVC, I first needed to generate a set of MSVC build files, using my 'amsrcs' perl scripts in a 'fgms=0-x/msvc' folder.

Build Files: buildme.bat fgms.inp fgms.dsw fgms.dsp libfg_server_a.dsp
libMultiPlayer_a.dsp libplib_a.dsp libsgdebug_a.dsp
Headers: config.h stdint.h unistd.h
Sub-Folders: bin lib Debug Release

To be able to run the buildme.bat, which uses the 'amsrcs' perl scripts to read, and process the fgms.inp to produce the fgms.dsw, which can be loaded into MSVC to process the dsp projects, you would need to set up all my batch files and scripts.

But with all these files already generated, including a MSVC8 sln/vcproj file set, these can be loaded into any version of MSVC and used to build all the projects, which will generate the sub-folders, with the final 'fgms.exe' in the bin folder.



NOTE: ALL fixes for a windows build are now included in the gitorious repository fgms-0-x some none of the downloads below are really relevant at this time. Further the build system in the repo has migrated to using the CMake thus all versions of MSVC are fully supported.

Some downloads:
fgms-0.10.9.tar.gz: Full source, including msvc build files, but excluding the WIN32 binary
fgms-srcs-01.zip: Modified WIN32 source. Needs some headers from the 'msvc' zip.
fgms-msvc-01.zip: MSVC build file sets, both MSVC6 dsw/dsp and MSVC8 sln/vcproj files, plus headers and batch files.
fgms-exe-01.zip: WIN32 executable, in the 'bin' folder.

Date Link Size MD5
2011/08/16 fgms-0.10.9.tar.gz 405,528 52274cc82a3647b79cabab07ffaaee80
2011/08/14 fgms-srcs-01.zip 105,685 1170b816addd805d4e1ee9a4d8ceb8a3
2011/08/14 fgms-msvc-01.zip 30,649 2096da05b3c20ade94a9443862e45873
Take care running executables from the web
2011/08/14 fgms-exe-01.zip 147,367 d90cf7fee822d2c77db6ee29bde8daf1
Original git source
2011/08/12 fgms-git-01.zip 101,968 be9277c41f25276d82759f6c0fed8345

The above git source can be patched with fgms-diff01.patch to get the WIN32 modified source. This is a patch file in unix format. If you want the windows/dos version then fgms-diff01.txt is available.


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