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20160930: After hesitating a long time, eventually bit the bullet, and installed Mircrosoft Visual Studio Community 2015, Version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3, (c) 2016, aka msvc140. Be prepared, with everything installed it consumed a massive 50 GB!

I had been very happy with my Visual Studio Pro 2010 (msvc100), but had started to run across some C projects written using the C99 standard, which basically, among other things, allows late variable declaration in C code. We have always had that in C++, but now msvc140 supports this.

Of course in most cases it was a trivial task to modify the code to compile with msvc100, using a good color coded IDE editor that, msvc offered, but I can see the C99 appeal to the many great programmers using line oriented editors. It is just so convenient to declare a new variable only when needed, and not have to bubble it to the top of the open context...

The first few small projects went well with msvc140, and it was not until I got into more complex projects, using 3rdParty libraries, like cURL,.... In some of these cases it was necessary to back up and rebuild that library, specifically using msvc140.

 Ran across some idiot Unresolved __imp____iob_func failures... all disappeared when all the component libraries were built with the same version, and few other quirks to work through...



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