FlightGear UFO Views 2005

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These are my first three FlightGear screen 'snapshots' for the year. KSFO is from the default CVS source, which exhibits version 0.9.8, and  airport data file 715, and the Sydney images are from world scenery downloads, version 0.9.7 data ... I am 'flying' in the ufo machine ... it provides a 'steady' picture platform, since it defies gravity! And it can move horizontally, or vertically!, at nearly 4,000 knots ...

This is the current default view of KSFO (San Francisco) - note the lovely buildings ...

2005 image of KSFO


This is San Francisco harbour from about 11,000 feet - note the bridges, buildings, tower, etc ...

2005 image of San Francisco


This is YSSY (Sydney International) - not a building in sight ;=(( There is a bit of 'work' to do here ...

2005 image of Sydney harbour


And, look at Sydney harbour - no bridge, no opera house, no nothing - come on aussies, come on ... give it a go ... this is a 1920 view ;=)) I can 'see' the Pacific Highway, coming through the CBD, and stop at the Rocks ... pre Circular Quay, Cahill Expressway ...

2005 image of Sydney

I would like to work with anyone that can generate the necessary 3d images, hopefully in ac format, but beggars can not be choosers ... any ideas are welcome ... especially ideas about what you can do to help ... It is 'boring' flying over such a unspectacular scenery when you know you are in the most 'spectacular' country in the world, perhaps universe ;=))

But I understand the 'great south land' is very 'heavy' ... lots, and lots of data ... I only installed e140s40, e150s30, e150s40 10x10 degree 'chunks', but have downloaded, but yet to decompress the following dozen chunks -
38,363,473 e110s30.tar.gz, 22,142,563 e110s40.tar.gz, 26,056,258 e120s20.tar.gz,
34,922,326 e120s30.tar.gz, 14,170,934 e120s40.tar.gz, 36,178,087 e130s20.tar.gz,
44,475,422 e130s30.tar.gz, 26,286,014 e130s40.tar.gz, 4,059,027 e140s10.tar.gz,
32,563,924 e140s20.tar.gz, 67,812,142 e140s30.tar.gz, 10,976,853 e140s50.tar.gz

just so I can 'plan' a flight around Australia ;=))

This next one is YSDU, or Dubbo, to those who do not recognise it ... ;=)) The narrowly quilted, somewhat regular, fields 'map' is certainly more suitable to other climes, and to me, the 'bush' area around seems a tad too green ... the 'redness' of our soil should show through somehow ... But when you consider that it is all generated from global digital data, it is fantastic ... thank you for the efforts ... the view ... the scene ...

2005 image of Dubbo ap


A view of one of the many 'objects' that can be 'inserted' into a scene - Alcatraz (Alkatraz?), with water tank, etc ...

2005 image of Alcatraz, SF

The above is a view from the chase plane, and the semi-transparent 'object', with red and green lights, is the ufo 'aircraft' model ... the efforts by those that put 'thankless' hours into their creation is stupendous, and I thank you ...

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